Skin diseases

Skin diseases are diseases that attack skin and skin attachments (hair, nails, sebaceous and sweat glands).  It isusually very hard to determine the right diagnosis without help from a specialist.  Often a biopsy is necessary for determining the right diagnosis.  Skin diseases can be a consequence of an action of external factors – infection or contact with irritating substances, or a reflection of internal diseases.  Taking into account the large number of skin diseases it is important to address oneself to a dermatologist if changes on the skin are noticed or as well as before the application of some therapy.

Currently,  our services, examinations, diagnostics and treatment of skin and skin annexes include :

  • acute and chronic skin diseases (psoriasis, rosacea, …)
  • allergic skin diseases (hives – Urticaria, eczema, children’s eczema – atopic dermatitis …)
  • bacterial, viral, parasitic, and fungal skin diseases
  • curing and treatment of pimples
  • changes in hair – increased hair loss (fall out), spot baldness – Alopecia areata, male pattern baldness, dandruff, and greasiness
  • changes in nails
  • diseases of veins and venous wounds – Ulcus cruris

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